AI Generated Stand-Up routine

404 Comedy Not Found is a comedy group founded by a tech enthusiast who was into computers long before it was cool. The journey started with a love for technology in the days of Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) LMGT, back when the internet was still a well-kept secret. While other kids were playing outside, he was mastering DOS commands and figuring out how to install the latest PC games on floppy disks.

He was the first kid on the block with a real PC, not just a Commodore. From arcade games to tabletop RPGs, he embraced everything geeky. He’s lived through the rise of personal computers, the birth of the internet, and the explosion of Big Data and AI. If it’s tech-related, he’s been there and has the paper cuts to prove it.

His background isn’t just limited to computers. He also has a passion for VR, 3D printing, and all things geek culture. With “404 Comedy Not Found,” he brings a unique blend of humor and technology to the stage, offering a comedic take on the quirks of the modern digital world.

If you meet him at a tech event, don’t be surprised if he’s got a great story about the old BBS days or the early years of LAN parties. And if you ever get lost in a sea of tech jargon, just ask him for directions—he’s been navigating this landscape since before it had a user-friendly interface.


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