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Using Perplexity for search

Learn how to enhance your search capabilities with Perplexity by setting it as a custom search engine in your browser. This tutorial guides you through simple steps to configure Perplexity in Chromium-based browsers and highlights its versatile search focuses like academic papers, YouTube, Reddit, and more. Optimize searches with the optional Pro mode for deeper insights.

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AI Generated Stand-Up routine 404 Comedy Not Found is a comedy group founded by a tech enthusiast who was into computers long before it was cool. The journey started with a love for technology in the days of Bulletin Board...

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Welcome to Atomic Ego AI. I’ve been playing around with Generative AI since Dall-E 2 came out. I was using ChatGPT within days of release. Since then, I have been learning all that I can. I now teach a College level course...

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Check out the Custom GPTs I have created. The Chararacternomicon This is a tool to create or flesh out a complex character for a book or Role Playing Game. It’s a multi-step workflow. For an NPC: Background & Story...

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