I wanted to write a post talking about some issues I am running into with the Android 11 Update. It’s not so much ANDROID, but Samsung. They like to change menus around. It makes simple things much more difficult. Case in point, one of the cool new features of Android 11 is Notification History. This is a cool tool that lets you go back and look at notifications you may have removed inadvertently. It’s fairly straight forward on most Android Devices.

Now, I have a Galaxy Note10+. I am assuming this will hold true on other similar Samsung devices.

If you want to turn on Notification History, follow these directions:

  1. Open settings (Either slide down from the top and click the settings cog, or swipe up and go to your apps and then go to Settings.
  2. Choose Notifications
  3. Choose Advanced Settings
  4. Choose Notification History.
  5. Turn on Notification History. This is also where you go to see your notification history.

An Alternate to the above, is to use search. Go to Settings as in Step 1 above. Then, click the magnifying glass at the top and type in Notification History.

This lets you go directly to notification history.

This is a cool new feature of Android 11, check it out. I hope this helps those of you with Samsung Phones. As I find other hints, I’ll be updating this page.

You can find more Android 11 features from the Android Page.