I had a question about how I got a REALLY tight shot on a Crocus.

Tight Macro shot of a Crocus
Macro of a Crocus


So, first the set up:
How Its Made

There were two Foam Boards. The black was used as a background and the white was used to help reflect the light a bit. The white also worked as a wind-break at the time.

I used the fill-in reflector (Silver) to add a bit more natural light on the flower.

To get right up-close to flower, I used this computer wrist rest. This wrist rest has little micro-beads that allow you to adjust the camera location. I have found it makes a GREAT on-the-ground rest for my camera, especially for doing macro shots.

To capture the image itself, I used a 50 mm Canon macro lens with an el-cheapo extension tube set.

That site, Deal Extreme, has a lot of amazing deals on REALLY cheap camera items. Remember, you get what you pay for… but, these deals are hard to beat. Also, I think with my original order, it took about 2 months or so for all of the parts to come in… but the prices really are great.

I have included links to where I bought all of the items, too. I hope this helps you.