Today marks week FIVE of Project 365. I played around a bit more with mundane items. I think the baseball worked out VERY well, and I know that it is one of my fairly popular pictures on Flickr. I had other exciting news. I have done contract photography for one online firm, and they requested 2 more of my photos this week. It is always nice to make some money back on your hobby. I also know that my pictures will be used to help promote Boise, which I am VERY happy for. The inversion FINALLY broke this week. Being able to see the sun again is WONDERFUL! The picture featuring the sun was taken that first day it broke. I was so happy. The sun and Venus hanging low in the sky has made for some interesting shots that I took advantage of. I need to get better, to figure out how to balance the composition of the shot to the subject of the shot, when taking pictures of the moon and stars. Astronomy is something that has interested me since a young child, so astro-photography is something I am very interested in trying too.

Here, are the shots of the week, for Project 365.

The sun is shining! Snow, Sun, and fence posts. I used HDR to capture the shot, and Topaz Adjust to filter it.
Fencepost HDR Topaz

Shoes are for walking. This is another one processed in Topaz Adjust to pull out some fine detail.
Walking Away

Dreams of summer. It is COLD right now. While I am not a fan of baseball, I DO equate it with summer. The funniest comment I have received (so far) is also tagged on this. (And, it was done seriously…)
Dreams of Summer

The Moon and Stars. This is actually venus, not a star. I really like the background, but wish that the moon and Venus were exposed better.
Moon and Venus

The Moon and Venus up close. In this picture, The Moon and Venus are close together, and star together. I like the exposure on this one, on the two, but the BLACK background is kind of… blah.
Moon and Venus, close up.

Dragonborn Barbarian – This is a miniature painted by my buddy Dave. He is a great painter. I played with White and Black backgrounds.
Dragonborn Barbarian

Fire hydrant in the snow – So, Tanya pointed this fire hydrant out, at the McCall Winter Carnival. I thought it was VERY funny, and had to get a picture. It is processed in Topaz Adjust, and I increased the saturation on the yellow, to get it to really pop out.
Firehydrant... and yellow snow