I did it. I made my first Bacon Explosion. The Bacon Explosion is the brain child of BBQ Addicts. It has since been featured all over the internet, and elsewhere, including The New York Times.

So, yes, this was VERY good. Think of a bacon covered meatloaf, that is made with pork, instead of other meats. What it boils down to, that is what this is. So, a few thoughts. First, don’t use a salt-based rub. I didn’t plan on it, but unfortunately, when I was putting this together, I forgot about the rub, so I grabbed some spices out of the cabinet, and one of the spice mixtures I used was salty. In the future, I will not use a rub mix with salt in it.

So, one item I did differently, was put a stripe of applesauce down one strip, to try it. I thought that the applesauce would be good. Unfortunately, after I pulled it out… I forgot to try to find that slice… and never got to try it. And this went FAST. A friend made some Pillsbury rolls to put this on. They were the right size, and WOW, they made it complete.

I had it on the grill for about 3 hours. I used a gas grill. All three burners were turned up, to sear one side. I then cranked the one on one side down to nothing. I pulled the “flavorizor bar” off one, and put chunks of hickory on it, to add smoke. The grill’s heat sensor was running about 280 the whole time. In the middle, I rolled it over, Since the heat was coming from one end, I turned it twice, to make sure both sides were well cooked. I had thought about adding cheese or something, but couldn’t figure out, off hand, how to add it.

Bacon Explosion 1

Bacon Explosion 2

Bacon Explosion 3

Bacon Explosion 4

Bacon Explosion 5

Bacon Explosion - Done