This marks week 4 of Project 365. We travelled up to Bogus basin, went to Gymnastics, took pictures of miniatures, did a couple of creative things, took a picture of the statehouse, and then phoned one in. 🙂

This is my favorite for the week. This was an amazing photoshoot for me. Frost, bright blue skies, fog, the sun… it was very diverse, and amazing to see.
Trees Covered in Frost - HDR

I figured I would get a picture of my daughter from her gymnastics class. She even posed for me.
Kaylee on the Balance Beam

This is some miniature paint-work I did. I should probably zoom out a bit, to avoid showing off how bad of a painter, I am.
Octopoda - Front

Here is a cool picture featuring tacks, cropped into a square format. I like the artistic look of square, ovr the normal 4×6 aspect ratio.

Darth Vader and Halo Master Chief – Good vs Evil in the ultimate face-off.
Face Off -  Good vs Evil

My girlfriend and I went out looking for a picture on Friday night. No kids, so we got to kind of goof off. The trip took us past Merrit’s Cafe. It was a fun night. This is in HDR, to even out the brighter lights, and used Topaz Adjust to put more pop in the photo.
Idaho Capital - HDR

This was kind of phoned in. I wasn’t sure WHAT to do, and had thought about doing this one. I could have probably gone for a more creative format, than just taking a picture of the bookshelf. I did spend some time adjusting the books to get better looking bindings. It was processed with Topaz Adjust to bring out some minor details.
What's For dinner?!?