Week 3 has arrived. It is a little difficult at times getting good pictures. A few of these, I phoned in, and were not nearly as good as I would have liked. But, I did keep doing 1 picture a day.

Woods in HDR: Idaho City Woods and Stream, in HDR
Idaho City Woods and Stream - HDR

Depth of Field: This was taken for a Depth of Field guide I did.
Poker Chips - f/2.5

Traffic Lights: Traffic lights in the fog.
Streetlights in the fog

Dinner: This was made for dinner last night. Wow, it was good, and Tanya put it over-the-top with the salad on it. I also posted the recipe if you want to try and make it, yourself.
Portobello Mushrooms, stuffed with sausage - On the plate.

Red is Blue: This is a bit of red paint, surrounded by blue tinsel. I thought it was kind of interesting.
Red is Blue

Mushroom Man: This miniature is painted by a good friend of mine, Dave Stinger. This is the second picture I have taken for Project 365, painted by Dave. I really do like the square format.
Mushroom Mini

Arch-Nemesis: This was in our Battlestations game. That is our arch-nemesis, “Kingsford”. He is “Captain Hammer” to our Dr. Horrible. Though, we captured him this time… so maybe his light is finally extinguished.
Our arch-nemesis Kingsford, being snuck up on by power armor.