This is the story of a poor Sandisk SD Card. There was a rebate some months ago that I took advantage of. I picked up 3 sd cards by Sandisk. Well, from almost day 1, one of them began falling apart. No big deal I thought. I bought a nice, brand name card from one of the top players in the market. About a month ago, I start the ball rolling to get it replaced via warranty. After FAR too many emails and messages (via there website) they turned me down. They said it was physically damaged, so not covered.

That surprised me, since they say it has a lifetime warranty. So, they had a piece of crap product shipped, and I put up with it, thinking it would work itself out. I finally get fed up, get jacked around for a month, to be told that it is not covered.

Now, I can understand if this card had been mis-treated… but it spent time in THREE places. My camera, my computer, and the small case it came in. This was a defective product… and Sandisk will not make it right. I am writing this in hopes of costing them more money, than they have cost me by not doing what is right, taking care of a good customer.