Yesterday, I made grilled meatloaf for dinner. It is one of my favorites, though I don’t make it often. I also submitted this picture for my Project365 image, for yesterday.

Here is the recipe:

    Grilled Meatloaf
    4# hamburger
    1# ground pork
    1# Itallian Sausage
    4 egg
    1.5 cup croutons
    6+ tbs garlic
    a bit of mrs dash
    6+ tbs worchishire sauce
    4 tbs soy sauce
    3 tsp oregano

    I then top it with thick cut tomatoes, and then cover THOSE with strips of bacon, to hold in the juice. I use a medium sized bowl to mix them in, so they have a round/flat shape, instead of the standard square.

    When I use the gas grill, I like to turn both burners on, and get the grill really hot (600+) and then put the meatloaf on, to sear it well.

    On my chargriller (Charcoal grill), I put the charcoal right under the grate, and move it off to the side, for indirect, but once again, have really hot grates to drop the meatloaf onto.

    This recipe stays pretty stiff, so it doesn’t fall apart, but stays nice and juicy inside.

Meatloaf - Bacon Wrapped, recipe in description.