Here are this week’s photos from Project 365. This week has seen me taking pictures of my cats, miniature painting, dinner, friends in Boise, and the Boise Depot, at night. So, from this point on, I will be posting photos from Sunday to Saturday. That means that week 1 and week 2 photos will be a little off, since Sunday of week 2, was posted in Week 1.

Here are the photos:

Syran: She is gettin up there in age, but is very pretty. Here is Tanya’s version of today’s photo.
Syran catseyes

Maul: This is using one of our backdrops. (foamboard). He was really not happy when I brought him into the bedroom to shoot these. But, after about 20 minutes (Tanya and I shooting pictures) he got kind of tired of it all, and tried to go to sleep. Here is Tanya’s Version.
Maul - Kickin' It

Paints: I was running out of time to get a picture on this day, since I had been painting miniatures all evening. I tossed this together really quick, with my macro lens.
Paints and inks

Dinner: This was quite yummy. The recipe is posted here.
Meatloaf - Bacon Wrapped, recipe in description.

Tony and Anna: Our friends came over, and we had been planning on going out and getting a picture. The picture from the NEXT night, was my origional idea, but the parking lot was closed. Tanya came up with going to the Anne Frank memorial. This bridge is right there. This was done in High Dynamic Range, along with the Topaz Adjust filter.
Tony and Anna in HDR

The Boise Depot: This picture is taken off the top of one of the downtown parking garages. I had wanted to take this pictuer the night before, but the garage was closed. This was taken with my 250mm lens, and cropped in some.
Boise Depot - HDR

There are this week’s photos. Watch for next week’s photos, starting with an HDR shot of the mountains of Idaho City!