I have a friend that has released a new iphone/Itouch/Ipod Touch application called i Make Decisions. The site is iMakeDecisions.
i Make Decisions is a GREAT program to help you through those rough patches in life. When you reach a fork in the road, it is always better to let the winds of chance decide, since they will not let you down, unlike your cluttered thinking. That is where iMakeDecisions comes in. i Make Decisions has a bunch of decision making applications, in one. The program includes Magic Eight Ball, Coin flip, random number generators (for you web designers out there, get the creative muse jump started with a random color generator), wishbone, rock paper scissors, will it stick, darts, random card, which way, spinner, and stats for some of the pieces. This thing has it all. And, making effective decisions is ALWAYS a good place to start!

So, if you STILL want more information, you can check out the press release at http://pitch.pe/1253.

You can download i Make Decisions through the website, or click on this link which takes you right to the apple store.

I am good friends with the people that made this app. They are some terrific guys, that definitely deserve the measly $1.99 for this app. You will easily get more use out of it, than that little bit of money.