I took the daughter to Kathryn Albertson Park, our favorite stop for taking pictures, and walking around. I love to go into Eyrie area, and look around. Yesterday, there were 4 turtles on rocks in the pond. As luck would have it, there was also a snake laying on the rock, by the edge of the water. I slowly snuck up on it, taking pictures, knowing it was going to bolt. Imagine my surprise, when it never did. So, I ran off, and grabbed my macro lens out of my pack, to take these shots. At first, I thought it may be dead, though, after a few more shots, I noticed that it was starting to move, and get agitated. I think what I love the MOST about this shot, is MY reflection, in the snake’s eye. That is just cool. I carry a “bean bag” computer wrist rest to put my camera on, close to the ground. I used that to hold the camera steady as I took the close-ups of the snake. I kind of wish I had taken a few with a smaller aperture, to try and get all the scales in focus. That is pretty much a minor critique on the picture, since I am very happy with it.

Snake up close.
My flickr site also features another picture, with the snake’s eye looking forward.