Yesterday, as I was heading back to work, from lunch, I noticed this lone flower in my front yard. I had to get a picture of it. I am happy how it turned out. Nice, “tack sharp” focus. Most images are rectangular, so I went with a square frame on this. Instead of JUST composition, which I am a LONG ways from being any good at, I am also looking at framing of the picture itself. Imagine this on a conventional portrait mounting, with the picture itself, dead center, and about 1/3 of the way from the top. Then, a blank space for about 1/3 and in the bottom 3rd putting the name of the print, or a saying or something along those lines.

I have Adobe Elements, though, this was edited in I use it for my organizer. I am working on getting the tagging to work as well. I was really good at tagging, my last vacation. Every other picture, has been pretty bad, so far. I have the MAJOR people/places/animals in my pictures, now tagged. Working on getting things a little better, to make the tagging work FOR me. That being said, I keep looking at light room and drooling. From what I understand, tagging from one does not carry over. I am honestly, not 100% sure that is true. I hope it is not.