I went out today, looking for some pictures. My daughter is with her mom, and I didn’t have anything PRESSING to do, so I figured I would go out, and see what I could find. Wasn’t impressed with what I found, but one place I went, is where we play paintball in town, down by the river. I was hoping for some sort of animal/wildlife/nature shot, but nothing looked great… too brown, to wintery. Anyhow, as I was wondering around, I kept noticing paintballs, and decided to take some shots, featuring paintballs. I think they turned out ok, though, nothing to write home about. Here are a few shots.

Then, we have a kind of interesting picture. Not GREAT, but an interesting picture none the less. This bridge support is covered in paintball splatters, unfortunately. But, the thing I wanted, was the shadow, cast by the tree on it. After playing with it a touch in Photoshop Elements, I have brought out the shadow a bit more, and really, just ramped up the colors and sharpness. I think it is interesting, but would have been better, if it had been a clean support.